Bangalore Love Story Diaries: #1

10 actors plus 3 of us (Tom, Konarak, Kirtana) ... all in pursuit of those good moments on film.
Friday morning, everyone heads out. As soon as we are settled we meet at the large rehearsal space to warm up and prepare. Some diary notes from the first BLS workshop.

Anmol Mothi
"Banglore love story. Workshop no:1. 'Realities, Illutions, thoughts, action, fun, imotions, laugh..... All come. Together... journey starts.."

Tom Cowan Workshop 30 - 2nd Fri - Sun
"One wonderful aspect of the first workshop was the location. That the actors were so relaxed and spontaneous was most encouraging and was helped by the farm/workshop set-up. So we all got off to a flying start and characters and stories are forming already. There are some superb improvisations to draw from. Today we'll review the video and see where we need to go with the movie.
So far so good."

Lekha Naidu
"Workshop 1: raining brilliance in improvs and one liners... Everyone's begun discovering... And Amjad is confused!"

Amjad Prawej
"The auditions are over. I have managed to get myself shortlisted to act in “Bangalore Love Stories”. I am happy. This is the first time ever I have been selected for being honest, sincere and true to myself. This is what I love the most about BLS. I get to be me. There is a slight problem though – seven years of theatre has turned me into a compulsive 'actor'; I can't help but act when on stage or in front of camera.
This is where the intervention was needed. And it came in the form of workshops at the most beautiful and amazing 'Infinite Souls'. The cast and crew of BLS were there last weekend discovering themselves and  interacting and creating 'moments' with other characters in the film (Honestly – Having blast all the way). Tom, Kirtana and Konark knew exactly what they wanted and seemed quite relaxed (I cant be sure though; they are good actors!). Some of us were a little confused at times (Honestly – I think it was only I) regarding the stories. At one point, I mistook one character as two different beings. The other was about someone's death(I am still confused about this one). The funniest one was not knowing who was going to be my girl, for sure. For quite some time I thought she was married to my friend(Now that could be a bollywood twist). 
Well, to keep it short, I did manage torediscover myself and  find some connections with other characters(Thanks to Aswin, Satish, Romal, Lekha, Divya, Moti, Zui and Vineet. You all rock!) The intervention is working fine too and I am learning not to act. Can't wait for the next workshop - I will probably know who dies(I hope its not me!) and finally have my girl, for sure ;)"
"It was an experience of a life time. Interesting. Had much to learn from the artists working with the film. Looking forward to the days where the film will evolve into a charming baby."

Laishram Romal M. Singh

"I was a bit worried about the what and how of the story, especially because the story was so close to my being, but then watching it wonderfully melt into so many other stories, equally important and equally Bangalorean, I breathed a sigh of relief.
It's often good, they say to let go of memories that mean so much and look at them from a new perspective and the first installment of my workshops with the team, only left me startled at my ability to disassociate and my willingness to share and make this love story, a love story of everyone's.
I look forward to the next few workshops, with eagerness that I cannot even begin to describe." 

Vineet M.Vincent
"I had a blast this time around!! THE FOOD!!! what can i say....muuuah!!

I was a little angry at first that you put me in a spot but slowly found it easier to deal with, i guess one must confront ones demons to overcome them, not saying that i have though.........yet at-least!! I used to love performing for children when I was with rafiki, but there is some kinda block right now and I'm finding it very difficult to overcome.
Looking forward to staying on the farm and learning more from you and kuki.
Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity."

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