Time flies like an arrow...

First it was Ionesco's The Bald Soprano, then there was a concert and then we began auditions for Bangalore Love Story.... rehearsals, sets, costumes, sound checks, shows, lights, shows, rehearsals, guitar strings, sound check, sound check, sound check, house guests, love stories, sad stories, stories of yearning, of loss, of love.....God knows how it all went down.

We haven't been to Infinite Souls in so long that Prudence, just thinking of her, brings me wet eyes and guilt. And now we're off! Yippeeeeeee! All of October we're doing actor's workshops there. Harvest of pleasure. Actors in two rehearsal spaces...kalaripayattu for those with willing knees, treks and biomechanics for everyone. Music for sure. And dancing. My cup runneth over.

...fruit flies like a banana.

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