A Sort of Utopia (but real)

I've been wanting to write about the two recent camps we had at Infinite Souls, a sort of magic infused them. But everytime I think of the kids sitting around the pond, their feet nibbled on by Papa's guppies and looking hard for the checkered keelback that lives in the pond, I have no way of deciphering the strength of that moment. This is the lightness of being then, this unquantifiable something.

Thus I can't find anything to write about camp without it sounding like some ha ha hee hee sort of travelogue cum plug. But am thinking instead about this damn Time thing. Kali. And this damn attachment thing. Lasi once said, as she served herself some Kung Pao chicken from the erstwhile Ginza, that what she wished for most was "to not think and to not feel". I could do with a portion of that.

Every child who was at camp left us with something; a feeling, a leaf, a fear, a discovery, some wonderment. How then do we manage to take these luminous beings, desensitize them so thoroughly and turn them into cogs? If they are happy cogs, well and good. But what lessons do we give them to save them from "a kind of measles of the spirit, a mumps of the psyche, a disfiguring chicken pox of the soul"?

Today is Zui's last day at school and I dunno why I'm crying. She's been waiting for this day forever, so why do I feel like some moment has passed?

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