Morning fantasy.

I'm on the farm.

Photo Credit: Harris Backer at Infinite Souls Farm

 I was reading Colin Beaven's blog No Impact Man http://noimpactman.typepad.com/ and I noticed the byline says "A blog by Colin Beaven about what each of us can do to end our environmental crisis, make a better place to live for ourselves and everyone else, and hopefully come up with a happier way of life along the way."

And I thought...

Our Infinite Souls blog should be defined as "A blog about a musician and an actor and how they went about the adventure of their lives. How they dragged their angel daughter along and traversed the bumpy roads of love and dreamed impossible dreams and how one such dream came true. How they managed to buy a holy piece of land with a view of a hill and how they actually built some shelters on it and some rehearsal space and how they grew bananas and had theatre and music workshops on this holy land."

Would that would be too long?

But it is a story that must be told. Some other day, perhaps...

Just know that we come from strong stock, Zui. Our forefathers threw it all away for love and poetry, sold a typewriter to build a house and so on. So we have a dogged persistance that makes us loath to give up the good things in life for security, crystal and sofas (instead, we dig tents, campfires, walking in the woods with dogs named Timmy and Scamper*). We're diff-logical (we function with a different system of logic) and diff-practical (where's the romance in practical-practical?) and we completely and absolutely believe in dreams.

*Ours are in fact called Bamboo, Mushroom and Prudence. The cat is Kiara.

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