The Water Channels - Oct 6th 2009

I should have started doing this in 2006. Anyway...

We were at the farm yesterday and as always by the time we reach Taverekere, we're all anticipation. Have the trees grown? What's blooming? Is the cormorant by the pond? Are there mulberries on the fence shrubs? The weather has been lovely, particularly when there is an afternoon drizzle.

Once there, we went for our usual wander - Kuki, me and Bamboo. The fields near the cottage and rehearsal space looked red because of a tiny, pretty little grass flower that is in full bloom. We were walking along, checking the direction and course of water flow to see where to dig the channels leading to the (still imaginary) final check dam. It looks like we start near the gate and go alongside the west fence, through the bamboo and over the first stone check dam, past the banyan with the swing, past the banana grove on the left - till the nalla. Another channel that starts in the neighbbours field and that runs between the El will meet and feed this. So the two will fill the sandy low lying area just before we climb the ridge, to the right of the nalla. And this in turn will spill over into the nalla where we can dam the full flow. It's shady and pretty here because of a young Tamarind besides several other low hanging trees. Ooooh! Kuki's already got dreams of a Huckleberry type raft or dingy for the kids to play with.

The ivy has taken root on the S shaped loos near the large rehearsal space, so they should be covered in a couple months. And in the meanwhile the creeping roses are blooming in all manner of hot pink and red. We loaded the jeep with our Carvin PA so we can rehearse in town for a bit. We also loaded about 200Kg of late Yelakki bananas and some custard apples, leaving just enough space for Bamboo to get in and headed back to the city.

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